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_ TRANSRANTO: Language translation by software - how to get a satisfactory quality?
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_      TRANSRANTO: Language translation by software - how to get a satisfactory quality?
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_   TRANSRANTO: Language translation by software - how to get a satisfactory quality?

Language translation by software - how to get a satisfactory quality?
How to master the language barrier?
Please visit the description page above for this and some other similar projects.
Investment opportunity / innovative project / prepared and tested, ready to start with success:

Global menu of many investement opportunities
(innovation, Internet, knowledge,...):

From there you have access to far more than 20 various investment opportunities.
All projects are for international activities. Typically Europe or US. Projects can move to the country of the investor.

Most of these activities have been implemented and tested. They are just waiting for investors for growing to the size of successful businesses.

Required minimum investment:
10 000 USD for most of the investment opportunities.
typical countries for locating this activity in the future:
. for example one of these (or others): US- UK- DE- FR- ES- IT-

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